Seeding for the UEFA-Intertoto Cup

Seeding for the Champions' League

Teams are divided into 4 pots. The decisive ranking is UEFA Ranking (1993/94-1997/98) as in last season.

Champions of Andorra moved to the UEFA Cup. Liechtenstein doesn't have domestic championship.

18 teams from the 4th pot play in the 1st qualifying round. 9 winners together with 19 teams from the 3rd pot play in the 2nd qualifying round. 14 winners together with 18 teams from the 2nd pot play in the 3rd qualifying round. 16 winners and 16 teams from the 1st pot play in the group stage.

Seeding for the UEFA Cup

Number of teams is determined by UEFA Ranking (1993/94-1997/98). Fair Play competition winner (Scotland) and two countries drawn from positions 2-9 have one extra team. Andorra is represented by their champion. Teams are divided into 2 pots (UEFA Ranking (1993/94-1997/98)) again:

76 teams from the 2nd pot play in the preliminary round. 38 winners, 42 teams from the 1st pot and 16 losers from Champions' League 3rd qualifying round play in the first round. 48 winners play in the second round. 24 winners and 8 teams 3rd in groups of CL play in the third round.

The seeding within the specific qualifying rounds will be determined by the combined club and associations' coefficient of the single participants (100% + 50%). This means for instance that the club currently second in the UEFA Champions League table, AC Milan, may drop down considering that they did not play in Europe during last two seasons.

* - see UEFA Notes

Seeding for the European Cups (1979/80-1999/00)

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