Seeding for the UEFA-Intertoto Cup

Number of teams that every country could admit to UIC was determined by UEFA Ranking (1989/90-1993/94) just as number of teams for the UEFA Cup 1995/96 (positions 1-3 had 4 berths, 4-8 had 3 berths, 9-21 had 2 berths, 22-36 had 1 berth). Italy left its 1 place, Spain - 2, Portugal and England - 3, Greece - 1, Scotland - 2. Four of these berths were replaced to countries placed 37-42 in ranking (excluding Liechtenstein and Luxembourg not competing in UIC): Slovakia, Belarus, Faroe Islands, Czech Republic. Number of teams were then equal to 60 (3*4 + 5*3 + 13*2 + 15*1 - 12 + 4). Basing on this ranking teams from respective countries were divided into 5 pots. These pots looked like that (numbers given in parentheses: berths occupied/berths available).

To each of 12 groups 1 team from each pot have been drawn.

Later 3 Italian teams, 1 Spanish, Albanian were removed from the competition (they resigned ?, UEFA didn't admit them ?). One Greek team was not admitted because of insecurity of Greek stadiums (thanks to Bas Kammenga for information). Draw had been made so UEFA replaced Italian teams with Austrian, Turkish and Danish; Spanish with Swedish, Greek with Lithuanian and Albanian with Estonian without changing the seeding.

Seeding for the Champions' League

To the Champions' League UEFA allows countries placed 1-23 in UEFA Ranking (1991/92-1995/96) and CL defender - Juventus. Teams were divided into 3 pots:

To each Champions' League group two teams freed from the preliminary round and two winners of the preliminary round were drawn.

Seeding for the Cup Winners' Cup

Teams were divided into 3 pots (UEFA Ranking (1991/92-1995/96)):

In the first round 15 teams freed from the preliminary round and the best winner of the preliminary round (by ranking) were seeded and the remaining winners unseeded.

In the second round 8 best remaining teams were seeded and the rest unseeded.

Seeding for the UEFA Cup

Number of teams is determined by UEFA Ranking (1990/91-1994/95). Teams ranked 1-3 have 4 teams, 4-8 have 3 teams, 9-21 have 2 teams, rest have 1 team without Liechtenstein, three best countries in Fair Play competition (Sweden, Russia, Finland) have one extra team. Also countries (ranked 24-48 in UEFA Ranking (1991/92-1995/96) without Liechtenstein) not competing in CL have their champions in UEFA Cup. That gives 106 teams (80 - 1 + 3 + 25 - 1). Teams were divided into 4 pots (UEFA Ranking (1991/92-1995/96)):

In the preliminary round teams from the 3rd pot were seeded and teams from the 4th pot were unseeded. In the qualifying round teams from 2nd pot and best winner of the preliminary round (by ranking) were seeded and the remaining winners unseeded. That gives 64 teams (26 from the qualifying round, 27 teams from the 1st pot, freed from the preliminaries, 3 teams from UEFA-Intertoto Cup, 8 losers from Champions' League preliminary round).

In the first and second round top 16 teams from the ranking were seeded. For that ranking each club receive sum of averages from 5 previous seasons. Averages are ratios of: points achieved by number of matches. Preliminary rounds are not in charge for that ranking.

Seeding for the European Cups (1979/80-1997/98)

Prepared and maintained by Pawel Mogielnicki