Groclin-Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wlkp. was promoted to the 1. level in 1997. They were famous because of the fact that they gor promotion to the 3. level in 1995, to the 2. level in 1996 and in the next year to the top flight. Earlier two other clubs from Wielkopolska did the same (Sokół Pniewy - 1991 4. -> 3., 1992 3. -> 2., 1993 2. -> 1.; Amica Wronki - 1992 5. -> 4., 1993 4. -> 3., 1994 3. -> 2., 1995 2. -> 1.)

Their president Zbigniew Drzymała employed very experienced players especially of Poznań clubs: Przemysław Bereszyński, Sławomir Najtkowski, Piotr Soczyński, Aleksiej Tiereszczenko, Jerzy Kaziów, Tomasz Molewski, Ryszard Rybak, Sławomir Suchomski. They played for Lech and Olimpia. Also players of Sokół has been transferred to Groclin-Dyskobolia: Andrzej Janeczek, Jacek Chromiński. First goalkeeper of the club (Tadeusz Fajfer) is a man, who played for Lechia Gdańsk in 1983 (when they were 2. level newcomers) against Juventus in the Cup Winners' Cup! Later on he debuted at the 1. level (in 1984) and had eight 1. level appearances. After all that years he returned to the top level.

Most of the players of Groclin-Dyskobolia debuted at the 1. level in the mid-80s, so over 10 years ago. They are quite old as players and perhaps they are one of the oldest teams in Europe.

In the first games of the 1997/98 season they fielded following players:

9 August 1997 Groclin-Widzew 0:3 (0:0)

Tadeusz Fajfer		38y 107d
Andrzej Janeczek	28y 143d
Piotr Soczyński		30y 203d
Przemysław Bereszyński	28y 210d
Sławomir Najtkowski	32y 220d
Krzysztof Jutrzenka	23y 148d
Grzegorz Więzik		34y  19d
Jacek Chromiński	25y 195d
Jarosław Araszkiewicz	32y 189d
Sławomir Suchomski	30y 291d
Ryszard Rybak		37y 194d

Average age:		31y  42d
17 August 1997 Groclin-Pogoń 2:2 (2:2)

Tadeusz Fajfer		38y 115d
Andrzej Janeczek	28y 151d
Piotr Soczyński		30y 211d
Przemysław Bereszyński	28y 218d
Sławomir Najtkowski	32y 228d
Krzysztof Jutrzenka	23y 156d
Grzegorz Więzik		34y  27d
Jacek Chromiński	25y 203d
Jarosław Araszkiewicz	32y 197d
Sławomir Suchomski	30y 299d
Ryszard Rybak		37y 202d

Average age:		31y  50d
20 August 1997 Stomil-Groclin 2:1 (2:0)

Tadeusz Fajfer		38y 118d
Andrzej Janeczek	28y 154d
Piotr Soczyński		30y 214d
Sławomir Najtkowski	32y 231d
Grzegorz Więzik		34y  30d
Jacek Chromiński	25y 206d
Piotr Juraszek          25y 206d
Tomasz Molewski		26y 199d
Jarosław Araszkiewicz	32y 200d
Sławomir Suchomski	30y 302d
Mariusz Rosiak		24y 198d

Average age:		29y 353d

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